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The Bonne Nuit Blister (PT 160) 22km Grade 2+
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
This is a fairly demanding walk to Bonne Nuit Bay and further on to Mourier Valley along the rugged north coast cliff paths. There are magnificent view of the outlying reefs and the other islands. The return journey is easier through the quiet lanes of St Johns and Trinity.

The Rozel Ramble (PT 161) 13km Grade 2
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
The route takes you along the cliff path in an easterly direction to Rozel Harbour, with views of the Écréhous Reef with the French coast behind. The return is back through the lanes and past the famous Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust.

Jambo's Jaunt (PT 162)15km Grade 2
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
The route takes you along the coastal road down to Rozel Bay and up the other side, through the woods, past the pretty little bays of La Coupe, Fliquet and St Catherines. The return is through St Catherine's woods and back through the lanes.

Orchid Glory (PT 163 ) 16km Grade 1
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
The trail takes you inland down to Victoria village where the beautiful Eric Young Orchid Foundation is located. Even if you don't like flowers it is well worth a visit. The route continues past Grand Vaux Reservoir, and back through the lanes.

The Hamptonne Hack (PT 167) 14km Grade 1
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
This is a walk into the heart of the countryside, through the quiet Lanes of St Johns and St Lawrence and past Handois Reservoir. The Hamptonne Country Life Museum gives an insight into Jersey life on the land in days gone by.

The Royal Loop (PT 168) 12km Grade 1
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
This trail goes through quiet lanes, Peacock Valley, and on to Beautiful Queens Valley Reservoir. Further on is Fort Henry on the coast.  The return is through picturesque Gorey Village where one can visit the imposing castle and the famous Jersey Pottery.

Willy's West Coast Wander (PT 186) 14km Grade 2
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
Starting at the southern end of St Ouen's Bay passing La Rocco and Kempt Towers, on through the winding lanes to the North West coast with lovely views of Guernsey and Sark. The return goes past Plemont Bay and the rugged cliffs at Grosnez Point.

Heritage Trail (PT 187) 10km Grade 1
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
This trail takes you down picturesque Waterworks Valley and onto the famous German Underground Hospital which gives an insight into life during the occupation of Jersey. The trail returns past two lovely old Jersey granite properties.

Round Jersey Millenium Trail
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
Part I (PT 191) 28km Grade 2+
Although the shorter distance, this is the most challenging and picturesque. The trail starts on the south west corner of the island heading up St Ouen's Bay to the high cliffs on the north coast past small bays.
Part II (PT 192) 32km Grade 1
The trail starts at La Pulente going along the old railway to St Aubin's village, and on towards St Helier harbour. Continuing along the south and east coast before arriving at Gorey Castle and returning to Bouley Bay.

Corbiere Cobble (PT 198) 13km Grade 1+
Organised by Undercliff Walkers
A trail to discover the South West corner of Jersey, starting in the village of St Aubins. Stroll along the old railway route to Corbiere Lighthouse, returning around the coast, past the bays of Beaupont, St Brelades (Fisherman's Chapel), Ouaisne and Portelet.

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